Mr. Tingles

February 21, 2011 at 10:11 am

I can’t say I know that much about it but is it possible that you have CIDP and not AIDP (GBS)? Or maybe there is some other weird thing going on that is neither. Did you get a spinal tap and electromylegram tests done to confirm the presence of protein in the spinal fluid and poor nerve conduction? What else is curious about your case is that the hands are the first to go-in GBS (also called ‘ascending paralysis) usually the legs go first and then the numbness in the hands follows. The other thing is that weakness usually is so pronounced that many GBS patients essentially become paralysed. Another thing is GBS often follows a severe bout of some kind of illness…very often the flu. Where you sick before the first episode?
It may be possible that being young and obviously very fit is standing you in good stead. Doctors have told me of cases where GBS patients have walked away after receiving their IVIGs but didn’t comment on age or fitness levels.
To many, those tingles are a reminder that we have done a little too much and while not harmful, serve notice to take it easy as fatigue will surely set in.
best of luck………Ray