MOST people with CIDP have some Sort of pain!

December 8, 2009 at 11:24 am

I have very good doctors, that try to keep the pain away.
-I have gabapentin, (Neurontin), that helps control the “electric shocks”.
and “burning sensations”.
-I have Vicodin when the pain is bad.
-I have Hydrocodone 7.5 when the pain is very bad.
-And I have Marinol, (the pill form of Marijuana), when the nausea is bad,
appetite is very poor, plus really makes me “feel good” with the euphoria
-I also have Baclofen and Valium to help control the bad muscle spasms
and contractures.
-And I take Indocin that wards of migtaines, which I haven’t had for years
now, since taking two Indocin per day.

Yes, pain is definitely involved with this ugly disease. But you need good doctors to support you in this, and prescribe correct meds as no one should be in any type of pain, with all the meds around to assist with pain relief!!!