More unanswered questions

December 12, 2010 at 7:06 pm

Wow, I can understand your challenges in trying to cope (smile) with all this.

Please confirm, since I have not had these kinds of tests, that for the evoked potentials you had:

“One set of electrodes, which will be used to measure the electrophysiological response to stimuli, is attached to the patient’s scalp using conducting paste.”

From what I read on-line there are three categories of evoked potentials and they are auditory, visual, and the kind you mentioned “Somatosensory.”

For the auditory you would sit in a soundproof room with headphones. For the visual you would sit close to a screen a watch a shifting checkerboard pattern. Finally, for the Somatosensory you would have tiny shocks delivered to an arm or leg.

The key to all of these are the pads pasted on your head.

Finally, is there any chance the secretary said you had abnormal motor and sensory results? Those kind of sensory tests involve the nerve conduction portion of an EMG/NCV and probably are not evoked potential tests.

No matter what, have the best possible holiday season you can muster.