More then just a friend

April 8, 2007 at 6:32 pm


Sorry to hear that you lost a friend due to this horrible illness. I believe my marriage has failed because of my illness with GBS. I met the man of my dreams in 2004 and we planned to get married in October 2005. I had just quit my job of 11 years in July 2005 so I could move to where my fiance lives and start a new job and new life with him. Well, a week after quitting my job and signing for our new house, I came down with GBS, that was early August 2005. After a month in the hospital we ended up getting married in the court house early Sept 2005, for insurance purposes, since I had just quit my job and my medical insurance was getting ready to expire. This man was a wonderful caregiver, I really couldn’t have asked for anyone better to care for me. But due to the fatigue and not being able or wanting to get out of the house, he kind of got use to doing things without me and I think even resenting me some for not wanting him to get out and do things because I couldn’t and didn’t want to be alone, AT ALL. After about a year I slowly started feeling like me again and wanting to get out and do things, however it appears we have lost our connection with each other and are talking divorce already. 🙁

I really hate this illness! There’s not too many true people out there so if you have any true friends at all, that’s all that matters. One loss should be nothing to us after what we’ve been through……