More information…Please.

October 10, 2010 at 2:29 am

Norman’s wife,
[QUOTE]My husband was diagnosed with GBS in July and underwent 5 IVIG treatments. Nothing happened, actually a couple of weeks later he started getting worse. He was upgraded as CIDP and went through another 5 IVIG treatments, still nothing. That was 3 weeks ago.[/QUOTE] You state that Norman has underwent two 5/day IVIG treatments since diagnosis of GBS in July. I am assuming that one of the 5/day treatments was when he was diagnosed as GBS. Is this correct? What condition was Norman in when the GBS diagnosis was made; was he paralyzed in the legs or just weak in the legs, or what exactly was his condition? Did the neurologist do an EMG/NCV (electromyography and nerve conduction velocity test)?

When CIDP is diagnosed the neurologist will [U]USUALLY[/U] give the 5/day IVIG treatment, followed with a regimen of scheduled IVIG treatments like one treatment every week…and if that is successful, then reduces the treatments to every 2 weeks…and if that works, then reduces the the treatments to every 4 weeks, etc. until the neurologist and patient can tell when the weakness begins, and that is when the scheduled infusions are set.

I am not a doctor, but in my opinion Norman IS NOT GETTING ENOUGH IVIG. It is also my opinion that his neurologist should stay with the IVIG and administer another 5/day treatment followed by regular treatments of once a week for at least 4 weeks to give IVIG a chance to work. If it does not work after the 4 weeks, then it probably will never work.

I ask these questions and express my opinions because of my own experiences, and the research I have done on this subject.

Warmest regards to you and Norman.