More and More Testing

July 30, 2008 at 8:24 pm

I saw a new neurologist today at BCM. B-12 deficiency is not what is causing my neuropathy. He suspects it’s “inflammatory”. (Seems I’m about to be an official member of the CIDP Dx club).

He’s ordered MRI of the head and neck, Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), my 2nd EMG, lumbar puncture, and a battery of blood tests.

I had the MRI and PFT today. I will have the EMG and blood tests tomorrow.

I wasn’t able to schedule the lumbar puncture until 1 week from today because I had taken an aspirin and they won’t do a lumbar puncture until one week has passed since your last “blood thinner”. 🙁

I’m thinking of pressing the neurologist to begin treatments if the EMG indicates CIDP again so I don’t have to wait another couple of weeks. (Things have been deteriorating daily for me the last four days).

Curiously (?) I have had some improvement in my reflex response in my feet and legs. And my neuropathy has been cyclical (some improvement and some deterioration). Is this typical? :confused:

Do y’all have any sage advice or experience on pressing for treatment early (before spinal tap confirmation)?

Again many thanks and God bless.