more about it.

November 24, 2008 at 6:35 am

I havn’t really been having fluctuations of energy or anything like that. Actually I havn’t really had any energy boost from this all. I still fall asleep normally at night, Take an hour or two nap daily. After dosing, the strength part is pretty much the same throughout the day and doesn’t fluctuate.

I just noticed that I used to be able to toe walk left and right, Now only on the right. and Combined feet toe raises is down to about 5 from 15-20 and this overall weak tired feeling. Basically not what I expected. Other than that
the weight and appetite stabile, Blood sugar still good, irritability normal so Far anyway. I think we need to try another drug something. He may want me to stay on it independantly longer to make sure but we’ll see. I am phoning in today.