Moms the word

July 22, 2006 at 8:59 pm

It was so nice to see your name on the site again.. I usually pop in a few times a week when I need some encouragement.
It sounds like you are looking for some as well.. UGGGh Its so long isn’t it.
I took Mom to a craft fair today and she was so HAPPY!! I was able to push her around and she held onto the packages in her lap..Like old times… This was huge.. So were the packages..
She has been experiencing terrible pain her in upper left leg that is usually relieved by lying down.. Her spirits are up and down.. More up then down lately becasue she is able to go out and about so much more now.. Dad does a beautiful car transfer with a pivot board and off they go.. Mom now uses a commode and just recently they got there shower chair.. Her therapy is only 2 days a week.. little eerie about this and I am annoyed when people say that if they thought she needed more they would advise it.. BS is what i say.
She gets 1 hr of OT and 1 hr of PT on both days. She has done the Treadmill that simulates walking by strapping her to the machineand they are very pleased with her progress. Her balance is not great but she does stand everyday. My father is so good at moving her. God bless him:)
Its sounds like your mom is moving along. I feel so badly that the vent is still a part of her life.. Good news that she is starting to feed. We have the same device at home as well. Gives then some independence..
Her 3 days of therapy sounds great.. How is her ulcer healing?
Please give my best to your mom. I am thinking of you and your family.
Amy Maki