Momentary Activities

May 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm

This relapse is taking its toll, but it’s gardening time again, so I am trying to come up with a working plan.

Progress during Relapse:

The One-Minute Gardener: (Time = 1 minute)
1. Lift and throw broken garden ornaments in the trash can.
2. Dump soil from 2 broken containers; throw containers in trash can.

The One-Minute Exercise: (Time = 1 minute)
1. Lying flat, rotate ankles 10 times in each direction.
2. Rotate wrists 10 times in each direction.
3. Knee flexes (as time permits)

Now, to get these activities done…

During my 1-minute gardening activity, I completed my goal within the time-limit (counting ‘one-thousand-and-one, etc.’)
Dumping the soil from the 2nd broken container was strenuous, and I almost went down with it, but recovered my balance. I had 2 seconds left at the end, and I spied a piece of paper in a bank of leaves that the wind had blown between my flower containers. When I picked it up to thrown it in the trash can, IT WAS A $5.00 BILL! Cleaned it up, and it will pay for milk for a week ($4.99).

Next 1 minute Gardener activity plan:
Plant lettuce in 1 large container.