Mom is now at home

August 7, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Hi Brenda
Thanks for posting. It is nice to know that you have done so well. How long before you actually felt like you had a handle on life again. I can already see after one week at home, that mom has got a bit of a routine going. She was really having difficulty in the beginning. I think that she was overwhelmed. Today was the first day that she actually didn’t sleep. She rested but didn’t feel the need to go to sleep. SHe still has to take many meds, which makes her feel horrible. The Prednisone si the worst, with making her sweat and it makes her feel horrible. She keeps a positive attitude. She was down when she first came home. Her fatigue was actually worse, but now she seems to be looking a bit more chipper. She was lucky to just come home with canes and a walker. Even now she just uses one cane. Her legs and feet seem to be the worst at night. Alot of stiffness at night. She has lost alot of weight, so we have to build that back again as well. She couldn’t afford to loose any weight before she got sick.
Does your legs bother you, or your feet. What residuals do you have
Thanks again