Mom came home today

December 20, 2008 at 10:58 pm

When mom went into the hospital in July we were told this was going to be a very long road. The Dr. told us that mom would be home for Christmas. For some reason that stuck in my head and I told myself that I could get threw this until Christmas. Halloween came and went (We thought she might come home) Thanksgiving came and went (Very hard without her) and Christmas is Thursday and Mom came home today. We are so thrilled to have her home. She tolerated the transfer very well. She still has the trach. She cant tolerate breathing without it she has some upper airway blockage still. She has the feeding tube still her appetite is not real good yet and she is still cathed but she is home. We are so blessed that she is in such good spirits. She cried when we got home in the house (We all did) She was in her wheelchair this afternoon with everyone and she smiled and laughed and loved to in the middle of everything again. We are praying she will continue to make progress and that her legs will begin to get strength in them again. She can move them but very little. Her hands and arms are about 70% but even that is wonderful. To see her lift her blanket or scratch her nose is wonderful. We are so excited to watch her joy in all the little things again we cant wait to see her recover more and more every day.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers they are a true comfort.