Mochacat–re:flu shot

February 21, 2007 at 7:06 pm

Hi-i’m glad that you got diagnosed and treated so quickly,you are well on your way now. There is actually a warning on the product monograph regarding GBS and the flu shot…but who ever gets to read the monograph when you go for your shot? Anyway, there may even be references to that on this website, I know there used to be lots of flu-shot discussion on the old site.
Interestingly enough the ambulance attendant even asked me if I had a shot. I did, but i do not believe that caused the problem–it was a good month and a half or so after the shot that I got a severe sinus infection and flu with fevers and the whole schmeer. Long story short—I don’t take the shot anymore because there is a statistically significant higher risk of developing GBS again if you take it. Statistically significant–all that means is that it was measurable within the limits of error. The effect is probably very minute but I am not taking any chances either.
best of luck, wish you good recovery
PS-I believe that there are many who still get the shot even after GBS.