Mini Learning Vacation

August 26, 2008 at 3:42 pm

I am sure quite a few attend. you can’t judge what the numbers will be.

Lets put it this way, If the speakers outnumber the attendants, The speakers probably won’t be inclined to speak anymore. These are the people who try to figure it all out. I think my doc spoke at it last year. Phoenix I believe. Thats a long way to go. I probably would not have trekked that far. Chicago is a one leg flight for me. Estelle told me Philadelphia is next, don’t quoate me on that but I believe thats what I heard.

The way I am looking at it is if I learn, Great, Also I was able to get out of my home town and do something different. Chicago is fun. Been there or passed through probably 50 times on my way to customer sites. Driving out of O’Hare is very simple. Returning into the airport is one of the easiest I have been through. Believe me, I have been to more than I can count Probably several hundred trips about.

For those of you coming to ORD, A helpful tip, Don’t rent with Thrifty. They are the only car carrier away from all the others. when you drive in and follow rental car return. Guess what? they are not there. they are down Manaheim st. Found that out last week. Had me Freakin. OH also bring alot of change with you. the freeways are tolled all over. 40 cents here, 80 cents there, and guess what else. some are unmanned so you need the loose change.
I’ll stop Rambling on. I would look forward to meeting Anyone from this site and Forum, and also value the experience to talking to those striken like me.