February 18, 2007 at 7:20 am

hi t.a. ! i think i’m the migrane queen. i had one a day for the last three days. my doc. gave me a prescription called “zomig”. it’s a miracle drug. i know some things that trigger my migranes. i almost ALWAYS get one at christmas from eating too much chocolate. if i have too much caffeine and then suddenly stop, i’ll get one. the doc. also told me that dairy products and nuts can cause them in some people. i’ve also read from this site that some people get them as a gbs residual. i’m assuming that that’s what brings on some of mine. i too went to the optician and an opthalmologist. my left optic nerve was damaged during my onset of gbs, therefore i’m not a candidate for lasik vision surgery. i jokingly said that i wouldn’t risk getting that done anyway, becuse if i ever lost my eyesight, i’d never be able to read braille, (due to my hands being numb). i have a warped sense of humor, but that’s how i get through this mess.
well that’s the only input i can offer on migraines. i get them and the zomig stops them within half an hour. i hope you can get this under control. i know the pain of migraines and it’s not a pleasant thing to deal with while having to handle all the other day to day crap we deal with. well, gotta run for now. we’re going to lancaster, pennsylvania to see the amish country. hope we don’t get hit by a horse and buggy as we did once before. the horse was fine. no harm done. i’ll check in with you later. feel better sweet pea!!
love ya,