Might wanna look into?

August 27, 2008 at 10:25 pm

:confused: I know that you know this norb, but others may not notice……………….First off, note that it is prednisilone/not prednisone.., which I’m not able to tell you the difference between the two prescriptions…. I’ve been on the pulse steroid treatment plan for two to three months… I’ve been on same dosage as kiwi taken oral once per week 500… Side effects for me are insomnia (1st nite and sometimes 2nd, after taking), mild stomach upset, and face gets warm and red 2nd day… I’m not taking any other meds period previous or post pred… I’m also on ivig 2 treatments every two weeks… I think the prednisilone is supposed to reduce the inflammation of the nerves, allowing for nerve healing…. Kiwi is more up on this stuff than I am….
I can’t say for sure if its the ivig or the prednisilone helping, but I feel I’ve pretty much have steadily improved.. Hope this could work for you….I’ll post more stuff perhaps later…..Kinda wiped out, spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair……deanop