Micah’s mom? That’s exactly why I’m back at doc office infusions?

December 13, 2010 at 11:24 pm

Home infusions are considered ‘home nursing’ and for MY insurance and many others 2 hours is IT! IF you go five minutes over? YOU pay that next full hour’s rate and it’s not at the plan’s rate.
Going to the doc? They are allowing up to six hours to infuse. So? Even tho, in the past, BETWEEN the Doc offices’ infusion costs and the Hospital costs vs home infusion costs—the home infusion costs and a lot of plusses doing at home mostly COST until now? Home was the best option.
As for insurance companies? You gotta KNOW that they are gonna make it so they make money! That is their goal and mission in life…not necessarily to keep us healthy nor to help those who have the more expensive ‘chronic conditions’. We are blanket Losses on their ledgers and that’s why more and more roadblocks will be put into place to keep us from treatment unless we get constructively active!
The buggerboos of it all are: CIDP is NOT universally nor consistently diagnosed [lead? Physician Training and BACKGROUNDS and UPDATES] CIDP is not consistently treated nor with consistent results [back to diagnosis, and training and backgrounds]. Just as there is no consistent defination of PAIN? In our case, all of our symptoms are not consistent in either cause, effect or treatment.
I USED to work in health benefits and what has and IS happening IS APPALLING and well beyond excessive in the probable profit-taking aspects.
Just look at what the Medical, Drug and Medical Tech fields spend on ‘advocacy’. Then look at the ‘proprietary costs’ they tend to charge for meds needed by many yet at exhorbitant rates. IF PUSHED as a new approach mite instigate? That’d go down fast! And, w/US ingeneuity and not imports from China. [I squelch-noun definition? at the thought of relying on generic antibiotics imported from Asia as our only ‘safe’ alternatives’]
All health care costs are exceeding inflation by about 75% now? Guess where we mite be w/o a set of brakes in the next five years?
Honestly get real, and on the band wagon for the Plans? Not perfect, but, they just mite help you get what health help you need w/o going bankrupt.
The inclusion of the pre-existing plans and the continuation of benefits to age 26 + is something that will be a life raft for many.
What we fear is change and not understanding IT or how it works. Know that these things are organic and will adapt to each of us IF we are advocates IN the right places.
God bless one and all. The option is not bankrupted banks? It’ll be hospitals!
Wishing one and all a peacefull and lower pain holiday season!