Merry Christmas and Happy holidays

December 26, 2006 at 6:28 pm

My Christmas I decided to spend at home. My parents house is in the middle of renovations and this makes things a little tricky as the only working bathroom is in the basement but thanks to physio I have learned how to do the stairs. I am eshausted right now as I have been on my feet way too much but things I hope will resolve themselves. Christmas went pretty good though and I am doing pretty good. I haven’t been able to access the website for a long time and I even am trying to do it on my cell phone so that I can put pictures in but I can’t get it past the password I’ll keep trying with my cell phone mabye one of you high tech people can tell me how. I must be doing something wrong. Though at the same time on the computer it wasn’t accepting passwords either as the site was having problems I’ll try again.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and I hope you have a good new year.