Memory Loss and Hearing Loss

February 22, 2010 at 12:22 am

I have been dx for 5 years now with CIDP and have done really well the last several years. Very well! We live in Kansas and the winter weather has been real bad this year, lots of cold and snow. I also have been on 90mgs of morphine MS contin daily for the last several years. Over the years I have found my memory slipping. Forgetting names numbers and thoughts in the middle of conversation. It was gradual and also the ringing in my ears has become almost deafening…..that is an oxymoron. I had contributed this all to the morphine long term use and other medicine that I have taken over the years. Then I find out that this is all part of the disease process combined with the medicine. I have started playing memory games on the computer and word games like scrabble. Believe it or not I think it has helped a little. NO MUCH but and help is better than nothing. I am starting my first Solumedrol treatment in two years this week due to severe fatigue and pain. Does anyone use morphine to manage the pain or other meds? I would love to get off the morphine but when I asked the doctor he laughed at me and said probably not. He was not rude just realistic. Everyone always in my prayers and to all be safe and remember to always keep the faith.

Look forward hearing others posts and comments…….:)