memory issues

February 4, 2010 at 7:41 pm

I read all of the posts with this thread and can relate. first they attributed my memory issues to the drugs i was taking. Now i am off most of them but still having memory issues. I constantly have short term memory issues. it really frustrates me and my parents(whom I live with). My sisster deals with it by writing things down or calling me constantly. I pick up her children from shcool sometimes and get lost. At least on the way home lmy nephews can give me directions. I am lucky that i can drive right now. Cidp is progressing though. I find that i constantly ask what day it is. After 24 hours the memory from the day before is gone. i think it frustrates those around me more than myself. I guess i am used to it now. My boss at work has learned to adapt to this issue.( i work 10 hours a week at the mental health association) I have tried writing things down but find that often i dont know what the note means. The doctors dont seemed concerned, I have had brain scans and everything looked ok. I am waiting on a kidney stone to get taken care of then they will start IVIG. I have not had it before. I had GBS now CIDP. With GBS was paralyzed to my eyes and now numb and tingling from the chin down. I walk with a cane or forearm crutches even a walker sometimes. I see a neurologist on a regular basis. I guess we will see if the ivig will make a difference soon.

Memory Issues

October 22, 2009 at 6:47 pm

Hi everyone. I haven’t been online here for a long time. I had GBS in 1995, I had a flair up in 2001, while losing my job to Mexico, and going to college because I had always wanted to, since my job left the country GE had to pay for my schooling,,,! while in school,my flair up caused more residual to my legs, and the memory got worse. I sat in class one day, i knew I was at school. I knew why, I knew my teacher, but I had no clue what I was looking at in my hands ( I was holding my text book) the professor saw the panic in my eyes,,and excused me.. One time I was lost in school,,walking the hallways, I knew where I was,,but did not regonize anything, eventually my memory came back. I was picking up my granddaughter at school,,and when coming home, I was lost for 2 hours,,and my cell had no bars for me to call anyone…I could not let my granddaughter know…Now,,,6 years after school,,,I am working in medical transcription as a transcritionist. I do not have the vocabulary I once had just as you all are speaking about, I cannot speak as I once could,,, but interesting enough I can type and spell medical words,,,with no problem. I have made my own proof sheets to make sure I have done eveything I am suppose to do,because my memory is so short, Once I check everything off,then I know I can move on to another transcription or project. After all this windy message is saying,,,DON’T LET ANYONE,,,NO ONE !!!,,TELL YOU WHAT YOU AREN’T EXPERIENCING WHEN YOU ARE !!!!!! My dear GBSer’s we lived it, we still live it,!!!! We are stronger because of it,,,hang in there my friends !!!!

Memory issues

April 24, 2008 at 11:53 pm

You are not alone as you can see all the comments in the short time you had posted. I had a severe GBS case last year and I really struggle with getting my brain abilities back. I too was told it is not from the GBS…the dr. thought maybe related to the time I was on the ventilator and yet others noted that the side effects of medications also contribute to this unwanted issue. My short term memory is shot…long time memories take a bit to piece together I thought it would improve once I went back to work to “force” it a bit. However, with just slight improvement. The big question is does it ever return to where it was? Then again, perhaps just another “blessing” we are mean to deal with from this point forward. I think my husband is glad that I don’t remember everything now. LOL! Good luck and stay positive!

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