Meds and Labs

August 26, 2008 at 4:00 pm

I did a lot of labwork during the diagnosis process as we all have. Sometime last oct. the gp did a comp panel and the liver ALT was at like 120 and the AST was right behind. He thought it was viral. so I kept taking the Daypro or Nsaid. went back in two weeks, retested even higher. He phoned me while I was out at Penn State working and said stop the daypro. 4 weeks later the numbers came down.

I started back on it again, Boom, the numbers shot up. so he took me off it and I suffered soo bad. this was before I knew I had cidp. that was when I tried the 1st steroid pack to buy me time, then cidp roared at me. I suffered off and on back on nsaids because it was the only things we figured that help immediately I eventually stopped all nsaids. still undiagnosed. then I tried asprin, that even made a difference in how I felt. was putting lydacaine patches on my lumbar to knumb me down. and usuing topical ibuprofen all over my legs.

The inflammatory process was so bad that if I put Ibuprophen creme on my neck, it made my legs feel relief. eventually I went on Lyrica, still undiagnosed, then the labs started getting out of range. had the liver and abdomen CT scanned. all looks great. Just some meds Cause my liver to swell.
I can drink as much beer as I want and the tests come back low. Ultarm ER was the only things so far that I have taken that my alt and ast are normal.

I wanted to try Neurontin and see if that elevates things so I have the knowledge of what I can take. thats all. And take any suggestion from those who have been there done that. thanks