Medicare cuts payments on power w/c 11/15/06, FYI

October 23, 2006 at 10:42 pm

[COLOR=red][B]Medicare cuts payments on power w/c 11/15/06, FYI[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][B]”On October 2, 2006, CMS published its new Medicare payment amounts for power wheelchairs – and the news is grim for those with disabilities. Effective November 15, 2006, CMS will slash what Medicare will pay for a power wheelchair by up to 41%.”

The below link includes:

1. Tips and Suggested Text for Contacting your Congressional Representative and Senators
2. Sample Letter Text


[COLOR=#ff0000][COLOR=red][B]I sent out five E-mails, both SC Senators, my Congressman, the President, and V.P.

I ain’t going down without a fight! [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG][/B][/COLOR] [/COLOR]