medical records

June 23, 2006 at 5:54 pm

Once something gets into the records you’ll have to deal with it for ever, i have learned. That hospital visit I referred to before mentioned a psychiatrist that was leading the treatment for my late husband who had very very very advanced alzheimer’s. She asked me to let her have a look of my meds because she said she didn’t like the way I looked. (I was too harried to care, but i dont think i was so bad.)

[So I went and she increased my amitriptyline from 25mg to 100mg. She said that was the correct dose for pain. She said for depression one needs 300 mg.]

Anyway, in the hospital after all those hours waiting and waiting, they brought up the psychiatrist “I had been seeing” I think to support their position to negate my ER visit. I told them she was my husband’s doctor. (have seen one of those several times in my life, but not here where I live.)

I guess I am automaticly in that catigory and will never be believed in the ER… (They should have to live with one for 15 years and see how it is to be negated that way.)

By the way, I am not ashamed of my meds. I take 100mg amitriptylene, celebrex, maxalt, excedrin, neurontin, all for pain and I still am hurting most of the time.