June 6, 2006 at 1:05 pm

Bonney-in July 2001 I had a medi-port put in the chest area so they could give me the plasma pheresis treatments for GBS. I was totally unfamiliar with the procedure, and a heart specialist inserted it in a surgical room, and I was given a shot in the chest area to freeze the area. I felt nothing when it was done, nor did I when the specialist took it out. The nurses who did the plasma pheresis did the cleaning of the port after they would administer the treatments, and they watched it closely as did the nursing staff. I had it in for approx. 6 weeks until my treatments were done, and the nurse specialist said it could have been left in alot longer. You have to be careful when showering, but they will cover it I am sure. Good luck, and sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual procedure. elayne