March 14, 2008 at 5:38 pm

Well…here goes! Recipes from a guy. Actually I enjoy cooking, probably due to my chemical engineering background. But cooking for yourself is not fun, so it has to be easy and nourishing.

When I have to cook for myself in winter, sometimes I buy a packaged soup, like Knorr Swiss, and then I add stuff to it. For example, in a cream of asparagus soup, I dump in a bunch more asparagus. Or you can add some chunks of ham to a soup, etc. Great with some fresh bread and a beer.

Then in summer, you buy the already cooked BBQ chicken in the grocery store and add it to a salad with dressing. Great with fresh bread and wine.

I know…they are not very creative recipes, but still, they taste good and they fill you up and it is not junk food.

Bon appetit.