me too constipation

October 20, 2006 at 8:13 pm

Hello and I am not embarassed to talk about bowel movements.
If this helps,
I too have a problem with constipation, and it started about one month before any noticed symthoms.I could not understand it, as I was a regular kind of guy.
I now only get to go about every 3 oe four days, and if I do not take a natural laxitive i have great difficulty.
Yes, I believe gbs has a great deal to do with it, as my bowls are formed normal but I have great problem with end result, and pain from the hardness of it.:eek:

If you have difficulty with diarreha or constipaton ask your doc, for a remedy either way. I make sure I use a natural laxative, such as senekot which I buy over the counter. 2 pills usually does the trick and if not two doses SURELY DOES THE TRICK.
Hope this helps and yes, excuse me for my tying mistakes..

May your maker grant you some peace
God Bless,
Jersey Jim:cool: