Me again

July 15, 2009 at 7:58 pm

Hi Dick & dignosense (cool name) – I CAN RELATE TO IT! Dick, I have just as much trouble with both legs but that is what this doc said on his very short & sweet report. I wanted them to do the emg BEFORE I had my total knee replacement which by the way was on the left leg which is of course why most of the problems showed up on that leg, HELLO!!! Dignosense, the 1st neuro at mayo was the one that gave me that verbal dignosis as to what she really thought I had by her findings on the EMG but then this guy comes out from left field with what he said which was really nothing! I could not tell you if the EMG showed any of the twitching, I don’t know why it wouldn’t have since it goes on 24/7, it never stops! At first way back when I could not feel it, my husband was the one that noticed it laying next to me in bed. When I woke he asked me about it & I had no idea it was going on. Then over time I could feel it. At this point I’m so use to it, sometime I think to myself, oh cool it has stopped & then I will look at the legs & its like something is inside trying to get out, kind of funny actually & then I’m like oh ya I can feel it. I think it is just that I am so use to it!! Hey, there are worse things in life! Well thanks for trying you two but if anyone can tell me the gal that had been on here awhile back that has chronic lyme, I would love to hook up with her & compare notes. Thank you so very much.

Me again

October 23, 2007 at 12:02 pm

I have the molded plastic AFO on right foot, it was custom made. It runs from arch to almost knee. They guy who made it was a nut and it is purple with exploding gold stars on it, and I am an old Grandma. My left is just a narrow one from PT dept. I recently sent for a pair from amerimark and they are working pretty well. You can see on line just above name. I pretty much run around in my power chair and just walk a little. Good luck, you can always so no–I am slowly learning. Did you see th T O tees shirts. We are also Husker fans and I love the Twins in summer. Bye for now R

Me again!

September 28, 2007 at 4:13 pm

Out of curiosity I googled Guillain Barre diet.

I was shocked when I read the first “hit”.
I don’t know if we’re allowed to send “links” here, but it was an australian health yahoo site. At the bottom of the page, there is a diet tip section. Wouldn’t you know it -the foods that flare up my neurological symptoms are the pro inflammatory foods – dairy & animal products.

Wish I had known all of this when I was originally diagnosed with GBS. I could have saved time, money,etc..(10 IVIG’s & 2 PE’s with limited success)…not to mention getting my symptoms controlled sooner!

Take care