mayo clinic

June 25, 2011 at 8:25 pm

Larry— not sure what tests you have already had—but if you look at my post regarding the mayo clinic, it might give you an idea of what a week of testing there will be like. I just got back from seeing dr dyck there. have not got my full report or recommendations yet.
Regarding the pain—I feel for you. I had never experienced it, but was told i might feel some after the nerve biopsy—a sprouting pain as the sural nerve is the one biopsied??? The first time i got that shock of pain it brought me right up out of the chair–was like nothing i had ever experienced!!!. Fortunately it has been lessening as my biopsy area heals….but if that is what nerve pain is like then i just want to say how sorry i am that you are experiencing that–it was horrible. : ( Lori