Maybe you just run out of gas? (prednisone)

November 23, 2008 at 9:34 pm

Hi Tim,

I understand where you are coming from.. I’m not sure what is causing your weakness issues.. I know from my experience, I have up and down times, with strength, fatigue, numbness, inflammation.. I think a lot has to do with my being on a pulse prednisilone prescription “”(500 mg/wk)… I’m wondering if the weakness you are feeling at times, is because of a lag of a prednisone rush, and your body compensating? Kristen, I think, may have a possible explanation as well as others.. Just a thought.. dean
Also, I wonder if any time we introduce quanities of foreign stuff into ourselves, our bodies spend energy (fuel/muscle), counteracting this, therefore you feel weak??…. Einstein was right…… ????