Maybe it is the state you live in…

November 10, 2010 at 8:22 pm

When my friend in Tampa had a major heart attack, etc he had a hard time getting SSI -until he got a lawyer The lawyer took a small percentage….so it was quite reasonable. Yet where I am currently living in Pennsylvania, I learned that a former student of mine got it immediately on her own and she has Fibromyalgia. I was amazed how quickly and easily she got SSI. Someone said that it might be the state where you live. What is sad is that she consumes HUGE amounts of sugar….drinks, cupcakes, etc. I would bet $100 that she would be better if she cut out the sugar – which is highly inflammatory to the body (but oh so yummy!) Not one of the specialists she went to asked her about what she was eating – figures. But I could not talk her into giving up half the sugar for 5 days. 45 she doesn’t have to work anymore. Your case seems certainly more deserving of SSI – GBSers did not cause this….and giving up sugar doesn’t change our diagnosis and residuals. I wish you well – you deserve to get it.