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June 28, 2007 at 1:02 am

I am glad the Reiki helped….it is amazing how it works. I once used it on a vcr tape that was stuck in my vcr at school. I did it while the students weren’t watching – and in a few seconds it popped out. Surprised me! How much Ester C are you taking? A goat the size of an average male makes something like 7 grams a day and they don’t have the stress ilke we do. So if it is not working, you probably aren’t taking enough. When I find my feet and legs getting worse, I pop some more C and it takes it away. Just a thought.

WIth Vitiligo B complex vitamins are good and extra PABA and pantothenic acid….are you taking enough? My guess would be 50mg three times a day and sublingual pantothenic acid about 300mg total per day……this is what my books tell me… is your thyroid gland? If you want an easy test….paint a square on your arm with iodine maybe 2 centimeters on each side and see what happens in a day……if it disappears, your body needs iodine and will pull it in…..then you can take kelp or eat food with iodine in it….there are lots of other things to take for vitiligo…..essential fatty acids are good……let me know