Many of us have been where you are…

July 4, 2008 at 9:31 am

Britt, Sorry to hear about your session with the Neuro.. Remember, Doctors are only practicing medicine.. That does not make them right all the time, and they are not GOD! You may or may not be suffering a neuro disease, but don’t feel bad… I know it is frustrating.. It took 5 doctors, 2 emergency visits, several wrong diagnosis over the course of two weeks to get a correct diagnosis.. One of our doctors up here “practicing medicine” totally screwed up the dx.. I figure they could have saved me many months of rehab., had this been caught sooner.. Hang in there. The good news is, that many things can mimic a serious neuro. thing, and maybe there is something simple going on with you that can be fixed… I wish you luck…deanop P>S> early on, I told the neuros about the numb tongue, and they had no clue, etc…:rolleyes: