Many folks do it either way? But IF your doc wants …

April 4, 2011 at 11:36 pm

that first time in-patient? It’s got to be HIS fight to get you there that way.
As Nicsmom said? Key to this all is your ability to get to and fro after the procedure and back the next day! Don’t forget? Plasmapheresis IS an invasive procedure and it can cause many reactions that could require IN-Patient monitoring… call your insurance and ask to speak to an EXPERT in this particular area? Find out if your doc needs to be more articulate about why he considers this need for in-patient treatment? OR, if the insurance will guarantee admittance should anything go wrong! Then ask them to either fax or e-mail both you and your doc to that effect. That way? You’ve got yourself protected, as has the prescribing docs. That’s why docs have staff!
Soo, let the docs and the insurance fight it out? Then decide IF it’s safe for you…but ask lots of questions from both your docs AND your insurance company! The latter likely wants to save a few $’s. But do you want to put your life on the line for those $’s? You don’t want to find expensive surprises 3-5 months down the road.
With many HMO’s it’s a danged if you do? or, don’t issue! Face it? We cost too much? Treatment wise that is. I truly wish it weren’t so. Originally, HMO’s were created to avoid just this sort of issue! Ironically the bean counters got involved… Sigh.
I truly hope you get relief and some soon! Without hassle or problems. Nothing like insurance wrinkles to add a little stress to your life!