Male’s point of view

January 24, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Hi All,

I believe that everyone’s difference and recovery is not always complete. For me, the feeling didn’t start to come back for 1 year and at 9 years post, It’s still hit and miss for me. I started with Viagra right away and with it was able to have intercourse with my wife. No orgasms for a couple of years and then only once in a while when my wife works really hard and for a long time.

I believe that our meds that we all take make things much worse. With my doc’s blessings, I stop taking meds 8 hours before we have sex which makes a big difference for me. If I’m on meds it makes the big O impossible.

I also believe that working the few muscles I have left down there has helped too. During orgasms the muscles contract involuntarily and it’s those muscle that I try to exercise. At least once a day I work the muscles that stop pee.

Just thought I would add my 2 cents,