Lymph Edema

August 7, 2011 at 8:22 am

I don’t know, exactly, about GBS related leg pain. However, the lymph edema is more readily explained.

Think of your lymph system as a sprawling, interconnected system of drainage canals. It is an important part of your immune and circulatory systems.

One of these canals, in your leg gets blocked. Then your leg swells. Hence the name edema.

It is important to find, and remedy, the cause.

Gosh, it’s just an example OK? A Mystery Diagnosis TV show was about a man who had leg pain and swelling for years. Tens of years. Turns out he had a parasitic infection in the past. Those critters were living in, and ultimately, destroyed his lymph system

I’m (edited to add) NOT saying anybody has that.

I am saying “Do not accept any diagnosis as ‘oh, poor me, I got so-and so, I’ll just go home and live with it.”

Study it, learn about it, fight it, attempt to cure it. Be diligent, be persistent, and ultimately, be successful.

The problem, as I’ve lived it is, that a doctor says ‘oh, you’ve got …fill in the blank…’ They give us a name, we go home and we go back to watching TV, or whatever way we pass the time. In the meanwhile, a chance to find the real problem is slipping away.