lumbar puncture negative for CIDP

October 30, 2008 at 7:04 pm

Got the results from my LP. There is not signs of active disease or indication of CIDP. I still have small amounts of protein in fluid but neurologist said it was minimal. I am taking the neurontin and it is a wonder drug for me. My tingling in face, hands and chest stop, my hands do not feel like sandpaper and I can type better, my feet are not cold and do not feel and as stiff and clumpy. And, boy am I mellow. I feel like I am on valium and am so relaxed.

Another good thing happened today. I have a large skin cancer on my lower leg, that was to be removed surgically and then a skin graft to be done. Since I have GBS, the dermatologist did not want to do the surgery so we started using a cream called Aldara. It have been a month since I started using the cream. I saw the dermatologist today and he said the cream is working so we will continue with this treatment and hold on the surgery.
So, this is a good day