Loved Mayo

November 8, 2006 at 11:06 pm

We took our daughter to Mayo when the neurologists in Chicago couldn’t figure out what she had. Three separate neurologists suggested Mayo Clinic in Minn. My Daughter was 3 years old when we wentup to Mayo 7 years ago. They ruled out genetic issues, did all the test that no one in Chicago thought of. In Chicago they only did an MRI and EMG, then said we can’t figure it out. I swear every pediatricte neurologist in Chicago wanted to pick my brain then said to try another doctor.

My husband sleep walks and is treated but a neurologists who did his residence at Mayo with Dr. Peter Dyck (Google his name ) . Dr. Dyck is in the adult neurology dept. and was involved early with GBS, EMg, Nerve biospsies. His staff helped in diagnosing my daughter. She has CIDP, not a bad case compared to others, but still has it.

Mayo is like no where else we have been. We have taken my daughter to St. Louis and Atlanta to see CIDP specialist. No place comes close3 to Mayo in our experiences. All the doctors appointments are 1 hour long. They would actually pick up the phone while we were in the room and call another doctor there to confere on their findings. They got back to me promptly and they always sent me doctor reports within a week of being there.

They were great on diagnose but they wanted to repeat the EMG every 2 months on my daughter while she was on IVIG and We just couldn’t put her thru that.

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Good Luck,