Lotsa memory loss, but some improvements

February 23, 2010 at 9:57 pm

Memorey loss, yes; short=term loss has been just terrible, but I still can recall much of my childhood and other long-ago memories.
With the gbs, I ‘v ehad to reprogram meyself to talk again, to read again, to think things out in order again, to spell, and correct errors, to read in a straight line, because my eyes jumple the letters around now. I used ot have almost perfect reading/writing/spelling skils, but now it’s pretty bad, expecislly whne tired. Still have lots of trouble remembering things from moment to moment; helps to tune everythign else out and just focus hard on each thing I do.

Some good news, I watch rfavourite movies over and over again, memorizing lines, trying to get my mind to ffocuc on the plot, stating aloud what each person is doing and saying their line s wiht them.
For example: Pirates of the caribbean
Took a long time to actually be able to follow MOvie 1, kept falling aslepp, couldn’t understnad whyy Liz is on different ships so often. How did she get there? Why??? Guess what, just lately I watched Movie 1 again, and didn’t fall asleep, and actually followed the plot through from start to finish. I remember that it seemed logical at last. Though right now I can’t remember hwo Liz did get from ship to ship or why, but while watching the movie, I did follow it. Same with the other two movies. Still can’t understand Will going back and forth from Beckettt to Jack to Davy Jones; can’t folow the scenes, but it’s getting better.

I have found that it really helps to talk aloud just to help clarify my mind and verbalize my thoughts, and put order into my speech. Lately, I’ve been able to pucker my mouth again and can whistle again after 2 years. I am now starting to sing again; muscles in throat were too weak before, but now I can sing some songs again. Scripture is coming back to my mind again; long-memorized, sometimes I start singing songs that apply exactly to my present mood, whcih is what I used to do all my life before the GBS happened. So there is progress. But one big load of brain damage to deal with; and we’re all working through it as best we can.

Sorry, didn’t correct mustakes this time…too tired.