Lots to think on….good points

September 28, 2009 at 8:35 pm

First off? Can I say [SIZE=”7″]WOW!!!![/SIZE] about how you are feeling!
You must have had one totally raging immune system to get knocked out flat so fast!

As for trying chemo? Don’t you have to admit [even a teeny bit?] that it sounds drastic? I’ve known family and friends who’ve glided thru chemos for cancers and others who were utterly ravaged by them. Chemo [and I’ve also done the ‘cancer’ route] has a heap of negative baggage that goes with it. And, for some? Rightfully so.

IN your case Alice, that combo of chemo AND stem cell is intriguing. VERY. It, for the most part is still considered NEW tho and most insurances won’t go for it. Few enough go for the PP or IVIG. Steroids being the definitely CHEAPER option. For that I fear that is a penny-wise but pound foolish attitude, but I’m merely a patient.

ASK about calcium [w/magnesium and Vit D] supplements from your doctors…Most chemos do a number on your bones and it comes with the territory. Chomp down as many supplements as you can tolerate. Losing bone mass [as I have had w/post cancer ‘therapies’…really a chemo in pill form] can be a very dangerous issue for all of us. And, for some reason, docs don’t keep up on this aspect as they should, could or must.

I’m relieved that so far, you have had little reaction to it all. KEEP AT IT!
When/IF papers are released in the future, I’m sure I’ll know which patient YOU are!

Good hope to one and all!