Lost and near hopeless in GA

June 4, 2011 at 10:44 am

I’m new to this site and have just read a view posts. It took a year to get a diagnosis and I had to have a breakdown in my doctor’s office to get that. The EMG showed no problems so he did the dreaded nerve biopsy on Feb. 10, of this year. This is my problem with the biopsy, his exacts words when I went in for results were “you have minor demylating of the nerve sheath which could also be age related (I’m 51) but I believe you have CIPD.” After what I went through I wanted a definite answer not maybe! My symptoms came on over about 8 years all in my feet. Starting with annoying tingling and finally horrible pain which 500mg of Lyrica only takes the edge off so I can function. The pain never ends. Some days I can walk OK, most days I can’t. I hold down a job and a marriage to a wonderful supportive man with a smile on my face. I’ve had one round of IVIG which caused a terribe rash and anemia. It seemed to work for about 2 weeks but that was it, that was April 15, I am supposed to go again June 15. Do I have CIPD? Should I do the IV again? I have numbness in my toes, my feet ache, my walking and standing is limited and my legs ache much of the time. Without the Lyrica the numbness, tingling, and pain is horrible. This has taken me from a vibrant, healthy, very active woman, to a sedentary, sad person struggling to survive and get the proper help.