looks promising

January 30, 2011 at 9:23 am

I did some research and read some studies about GBS recurrence and learned that some low percentage of GBSers have a recurrence. The encouraging news is that once you have a recurrence, it is “exceedingly rare” to have a second recurrence. So I really should have googled “GBS recurrence” before posting my quetion at the end of my blurb.
FYI, this time around they gave me (still am on it) gabapentin which is supposed to aid in the healing as well as control the pain and while the pain was very bad for seven days it waas possible to get off the narcotics after 7 days. Last time the pain lasted longer, but at its worst was not quite as severe as this time around. I am now able to walk with a cane and that is indicative of a faster recovery thus far. I wish everyone could have the same rate of recovery as I am (touch wood!) enjoying.