long time since I put somthing here

July 25, 2007 at 8:27 pm

I’m getting better with walking but still need to use the crotch outside. I would love to say I don’t feel any pain, but that I not so, I have still no feeling for my toes, but if I putt my foot on little stone´s it is like needle, and it hurts badly. But the good thing is I can get into shower on my own, I’m doing all the cooking here home, I wash all laundry, but I think I might be doing more then I should because I’m starting to feel my knees is sometime acting like when I was getting paralyzed and I get numb all away up to hips. But I need to push to get my home back. It is so much mess in so much places. it is normal, my hubby don’t see it with my eyes. well but I’m doing good I cant complain, I stand on my two feet and can use my hands, what more can I ask for. other residual that I still have, I want to learn to live with it and I thank each day for that I’m here and I see my kids grow. I’m now 46 years old, my mom died when she was 52 years old, So I try to love each moment that I have, it was hard lesson when she passed away.