Long Term Disability may = inactive not terminated

March 24, 2011 at 7:09 pm


Please dig deep within your employer’s HR Policies. You may find yourself on LTD, collecting your LTD pay and still be an employee, albeit an ‘inactive’ employee. As an ‘inactive’ employee you will keep your employer’s health insurance and pay the same as an active employee. You may also have other benefits.

Also, it is very likely the LTD Company will require you to file for SSA Disability sooner or later. If accepted by SSA Disability, the LTD company may request to be repaid from the first SSA payment you receive, which might go back to your original LTD date.

By the way, if you are ‘inactive’ and on SSA Disability, then Medicare becomes the primary payor.

Why do I say these things? Been there, still doing it.