Long stint in hospital

October 8, 2007 at 9:02 pm

At 59, I’m just a little younger than your Dad. I was diagnoised 5/05 and spent 5 months in the hospital – on a vent; then 5 more months in an acute care rehab center. Being on the vent will probably dedictate which facilities will accept your Dad. At least in AZ, not all rehab center accept vent patients.

You will have to start reseaching and interviewing facilities. Get on the phone and call neurologist in your area and ask about their expertise with GBS. You have your work cut out for you. Tell your Dad he CAN NOT give up, not for a minute. I am now living by myself, driving (hand controls), and walk with walker and AFO’s (braces). Rehab is a must!

If all else fails call David Saperstein, MD at 602/258-3354 and see he could poissibly give you a referral to a CA doc. Dr Saperstein is one of the MOST GBS knowledgeable physicans ( and he writes for the GBS Foundatioin newsletter).

Best of luck to you and Dad.