LOL! Stacey!

November 24, 2008 at 8:08 pm

LOL! It’s not funny Stacy but this reminds me of my never can feel feet and I don’t know how many times I have stumped my toes on furniture because my balance is all messed up! I have had more broken toes than I can count. But the strange thing is I feel instant pain at first and then the pain goes away. I droped a large wooden chest on my foot back in February and my foot puffed up something aweful. Andy talked me to go to the ER because he knew my foot was broken. Got there and they did the Xray and placed me in a jelly boot. It was broken. Next day I was walking around on it. Linda the Toe Stumper is a pro at running into things and for some reason it’s the toes that catch h…!
Hey Tim! I did not know you too had the Epidural. I too had them and right after that my nerves went crazy. So now I know of five in here that had the epidurals and after that ended up getting CIDP!
Kind of makes me wonder about them. Possibly being a danger to those that have autoimmune disorders. Maybe possibly we had something in our genes and when messing with the spine it causes severe problems later on. Still a theory but just too weird that many of us have had them and later get problems.
I have learned one lesson from my CIDP and attacks on my nervous system. Never again will I have any surgeries that involves nerves. Spine surgery, epidural injections, nerve biopsies. Seems like each time I did, I landed with a massive attack on my nervous system. Now that I know how I do, I’m going to be extremely careful!