LOL! Drummer! You are right!

May 2, 2009 at 5:24 am

Yes Drummer! I do find excuses to go shopping. When I feel good I don’t stay home and try to get out. Last week I was at Kmart trying to find some stretchy socks for my mom because the ones at Walmart are too tight on her ankles. Ohh my goodness! I hit a 99 cents clearance rack full of winter clothes that did not sell during the holiday season. Not a thing wrong with them either. I bought $100.00 worth! Came home and have already taken the tags off and wrapped them up for Christmas! Got my daughters some nice sweaters, son in law, daughter in law,son, me and Andy clothes! All for 99 cents each! ROFL! Even got the grandbabies clothes. MY Christmas is done! The price tags varied from $14.99 to $34.99 but alot of them had $29.99 on them. I will never hit a deal like that ever again!
Ohh! I posted below about the Swine Flu in my State. They had it on the news yesterday on TV but also found a online link too! My question is what is your state doing behind your back not telling you?

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Not once all week have they mentioned anything on the news about NC getting Swine Flu patients and then last night they gave us the bombshell on the news. And then they were told 18 days about this stuff before they reported a problem about the Flu. So no telling how many are going to get this stuff! Drummer! I have two freeezers and my refrigerator freezer full of food. Last year I started stock piling because I saw the economy doing something before they had the Bailout. I have been keeping that stockpile up ever since. I got a good years supply of food in my cabinets. Medications stocked up. Cases of soda stocked up! Only thing I buy now is dairy products and things we have used up. Replacing what I used. Even got both bathrooms filled up with enough toilet paper to last a while. LOL
Linda H