LOL! Can you imagine having

May 21, 2009 at 8:09 am

Can you imagine having 4 cats and two kittens in your bedrom all chomping down on your feet at night? LOL! We keep them in our bedroom because our bedroom is rather large in size. And don’t let them roam all over the house. We bought one of those litter box toilets where you never have to clean a litter box and all my cats use that toilet. Not a cheap system but it has paid for itself in the long run because I don’t have to buy litter anymore. It automatically flushes their stuff in the sewer system. They all love taking a bath except two. In the summer months they love getting in the tub and getting bathed. No fleas in my house either because I bathed them right when I got them and kept bathing them making sure they had no fleas. I got some very unique cats! Trained very well! All have been fixed so we wont have babies! But somehow someway somebody just ends up dumping another stray where we live and we end up with another cat down the road! I hope we don’t get anymore anytime soon! But they are very loving and effectionate creatures. Just love my darn feet at night when I am trying to sleep! Every night I get cat invasion on my feet while I am sleeping! LOL! Hugs
Linda H