Liz! That was cute

September 21, 2008 at 10:20 am

Reminded me of seeing something on TV about in the news called Cane Kung Fu! It hit me so funny but was actually glad they have it to offer to Senior Citizens. They have a class out now for the elderly called Cane Kung Fu. Teaches the Senior Citizen how to defend herself or himself during a robbery or assault by using their canes. Which I am glad they are doing this for the elderly. So much meaness in this world and the elderly for some reason always are prey.
But I just imagined in my head seeing this little old petite dainty lady walking somewhere with her cane and seeing a nasty mean robber just waiting to attack her and he goes for the grab and attack. Ended up meeting the wrong lady and she woops his butt with that cane! Cops get called and here she is standing on top of the man stilling wooping his butt! LOL! Boy would I love to see that! Would make a robber think twice about attacking the elderly then!