Little victory :)

May 5, 2007 at 4:13 pm

[LEFT]Well this week have been fun at the rehab, they tried me with crutches, and I could do it.. I’m not good in balance, but I could do this, now I’m practice in this walking 🙂 I thank god each day for my progress, and sometimes in the morning I forget I’m still little paralyzed in my foot, at least I don’t stand up and walk away from the bed:D. I’m getting better and better in the kitchen :p So now I’m starting to get my favorite food again.. after all these month in hospital and rehab it is wonderful too have my own homemade food.

They want me to let go of the wheelchair next week, but when I get tired I’m allow to use it. It will be strange to stop using my lovely wheelchair:D

I think when you have GBS experience then you live change, you have not so much tolerant for negative talk, and you shut up people that want to talk like that to you, about others. I have never been much for talking about others, but I feel that now I only want the best for everybody, and I don’t like when I hear talking negative about others, it is a man in the rehab that do this and I told him to shut up this was not the way we talk here, I would never had this courage before but lot have change inside me since I got GBS.