Little goals and patience….

December 1, 2008 at 7:09 am

🙂 Wolfdolphin:

Sorry to hear about your daughter.. Unfortunately, pain seems to go with this gbs stuff… I had severe back pain, numbness, and tingling, headaches, bowel problems for a long time after, and a host of other things.. In time the constant pain went away, (although, I still get intermittent back pain)… I took pain meds for the week I was in the hospital, and perhaps a couple weeks after.. Too bad she has to have more ncv’s…

On the bright side, it sounds like she is well on her way to recovery, and being young I’m sure this will be a distant memory in time.. A year ago, this week I wasn’t walking without walker/wheelchair.. Heck, now I pretty much am doing everything pre gbs/cidp, although I get flare’s… Guess what I’m saying she’s gonna get thru this..

Take Care and take it slow and day by day….\

P>S> I see you had asked re: PT.. I had Physical and Occupational therapy for about 6 months.. I think it really helped to motivate me, and keep postive more than anything.. , and appreciate little/bit gains.. My Physical therapist has MS, so she understood fatigue and limits, which is huge… I went for 3 days/week, even some inpatient….