Little from me

October 24, 2007 at 3:27 pm

Hi every one, and yes Im alive and trying to live my normal life. How that is going is strange, Im battle with pain each day, like most of us does. Im getting my candleworshop on the feet again, and I did not know I had so much popularty or did not remember how popular my candles was. So I have of course been overduing my self and making candles all day long that should I not do for then the days after are like hell for my burning and bad pain comes both in hands and feets, But my hubby was asking if I was not tierd I answer him, I can get enough rest in the grave 😀 he did not laugh;) but I need to work to keep my sainty I was getting very bored of doing only house work and could not do theim proper becouse somthing I still cant do, but I can stand on my feet and make candles, and it takes my mind of thinking tomuch about my pain.